Local Business Development Incentives

Looking to locate or expand your business in the City of Hillsdale?  There are several local incentives available for qualified projects.


Industrial/Manufacturing Projects

Manufacturing, research and development, warehousing and distribution related businesses may be eligible to receive certain tax abatement benefits for real property improvements and qualified personal property investments.  Applications are first approved at the local level and then sent to the Michigan State Tax Commission for final approval.  To find out if your project might be eligible, please contact Kimberly Thomas, City of Hillsdale Assessor at (517) 437-6456.

P.A. 198 Industrial Facilities Tax Abatement

To learn more about P.A. 198, click here.

P.A. 328 Personal Property Tax Relief in Distressed Communities

To learn more about P.A. 328, click here.

Commercial Projects

Projects involving the rehabilitation and/or construction of a commercial facility located within a Commercial Rehabilitation District may qualify for a property tax reduction on new, real property investments made to a qualifying facility.  To find out if your project might be eligible, please contact Kimberly Thomas, City of Hillsdale Assessor at (517) 437-6456.

P.A. 210 Commercial Rehabilitation Exemption

To learn more about P.A. 210, click here.

To view a copy of the City of Hillsdale Commercial Rehabilitation Districts Map, click here.

Downtown Projects

Facade Grants

The City of Hillsdale Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) makes funds available yearly for the repair and rehabilitation of building facades within the TIFA District.  Eligible projects may receive a dollar for dollar reimbursement of up to 50% of the project costs. To view a map of the TIFA District or learn more about how to apply for the TIFA Fa├žade Improvement Program, click here.

Development District Liquor Licenses

The City of Hillsdale has 12 Development District Liquor Licenses available. The business requesting the license must be in a properly zoned location within the TIFA District.

Federal Historic Tax Credits

Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits are eligible for contributing buildings located within the City of Hillsdale National Register Historic District.  Federal Historic Tax Credits are administrated by the State Historic Preservation Office and complete information about them can be found at http://www.michigan.gov/mshda/0,4641,7-141-54317---,00.html